Emily See

Emily has been guiding others through the movement and breath of yoga since 2015 when she became certified through power yoga works in Philadelphia. She moved to Sylva from Philly in 2020 to be closer to the mountains, nature and more inner stillness.


With a focus on breath as the guide, movement and postures as a way to clear blocked emotions and stagnant energy, she encourages students to trust their bodies as vessels of wisdom and empowerment, and connect to their intuition as a guide. She strives for her classes to feel inclusive and accessible for all bodies and identities, and her classes to be safe spaces of expression.


Emily also works with other healing modalities, such as tarot insight and facilitating breathwork, both as one on one sessions and groups. 

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Eden Marquis

Beginners Flow - Yin - Chakra Vinyasa - Yoga Nidra


Joni Nickerson